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September 11, 2007



Hi,it is a nice work.
But when I use bringToFront,it does not work.
I want to make a window always on the top,can you give me some advice?

Brian Holmes

@Ricardo, are you trying to remove them at the window or manager level? if you set a listener on your window for resize and then run event.stoppropagation() it should stop the resize. That might be a bit of a hack, but I'm not sure exactly what you're trying to do. Also, you could try posing your question to the flexlib group (flexmdi is now apart of flexlib) which can be found here http://groups.google.com/group/flexlib


This framework is just exactly what I was looking for, congratulations on the project. I have one question though, since it's fairly easy to get lost inside all the project code.

Is it possible to remove certain events? Say for example, disable the window resizing. I've disabled the listeners responsible for the resizing but it continues working... any help?

Please keep doing the great work


@ill, you're not missing anything. The backgroundAlpha get sets on the minimize because there was issues with white space showing when the windows were minimized. If you look in the manager class in the windowEventProxy() method you'll see the minimize and restore cases where it's getting set. It is an issue for now. thanks.


Great work on this pacakge for Flex.Once a window has been maximized or minimized, the backgroundAlpha gets set to 1, and a even a setStyle call can't change it back. Is there a style property I'm overlooking or is this an issue?

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